Street Names of Beecroft and Cheltenham

Albert Road Named after Prince Albert (1819-1861) the husband of Queen Victoria

 Houses in Albert Rd.

Bambara Crescent This  derives from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘forest’
Beecroft Road  –  Beecroft  Houses in Beecroft Rd – Beecroft
Beecroft Road East (formerly Beecroft Parade)  Houses in Beecroft Rd East (formerly Beecroft   Parade)
Beecroft Road  –  Cheltenham  Houses in Beecroft Road – Cheltenham
Blackwood Close Named after the Blackwood family who built and lived at “Maraba” 8 Beecroft     Road
Boronia Avenue – Beecroft  Houses in Boronia Ave.
Burn’s Road, Beecroft Incorrectly named after the Byrne’s family who  had a dairy on this land until 1946
Carlisle Crescent, Beecroft Named after the Carlisle   family who lived at “Kelvin Grove” 557 Pennant Hills Road. The street was   formed in 1953.
Castle Howard Road, Cheltenham Castle Howard is a famous mansion near Malton in Yorkshire. Malton was the birthplace of Sir Henry Copeland’s wives.
Chapman Avenue, Beecroft Named after the Chapman family who lived in “The Grange”

Houses in Chapman Avenue

Cheltenham Road, Cheltenham Houses in Cheltenham Road
 Chorley Avenue, Cheltenham Houses in Chorley Avenue
Copeland Road East, Beecroft Named after Sir Henry Copeland (1839-1904) who was Secretary (now known as Minister) for Lands in the NSW Parliament in 1886-1887 and again 1891-1894.

Houses Copeland Road East North side (odd numbers)

Houses Copeland Road East South side (even numbers)

Copeland Road – Originally Copeland Street Houses in Copeland Road
Fiona Street Houses in Fiona Street
Garrett Road Named after the Garrett family who lived nearby in 1917
Hannah Street This street was named after the first wife of Sir Henry Copeland who was Hannah the daughter of James Beecroft brewer of Malton Yorkshire, England.

Houses in Hannah Street

Hull Road Named   after the city in Yorkshire – which was the County from whence Sir Henry  Copeland came.
Kirkham Street Houses in Kirkham Street
Lilla Road Houses in Lilla Road
Lyne Road, Cheltenham Houses in Lyne Road
Malton Road This road was named after Malton a town in Yorkshire, England, where the wives of Sir Henry Copeland were born.

Houses in Malton Road – North

Houses in Malton Road – South

Mary Street This street was named after the second wife of Sir Henry Copeland who was Mary the daughter of James Beecroft brewer of Malton Yorkshire, England.

Houses in Mary Street

 Mason Avenue, Cheltenham Houses in Mason avenue 
 Murray Farm Road Houses in Murray Farm Road 
Murray Road Houses in Murray Road
Norma Crescent, Cheltenham Houses in Norma Crescent
Pennant Hills Road Houses in Pennant Hills Road
Sutherland Road Houses in Sutherland Rd, Beecroft

 Houses in Sutherland Rd, Cheltenham

The Boulevard, Cheltenham Houses in The Boulevard
The Crescent, Cheltenham Houses in The Crescent
The Promenade, Cheltenham Houses in The Promenade
Wandeen Avenue, Beecroft

The name of the   street takes its name from the original home – “Wandeen Cottage”.

Houses in Wandeen Avenue

Welham Street, Beecroft Houses in Welham Street
Wongala Crescent, Beecroft Houses in Wongala Crescent
York Street, Beecroft

This street was   named after the county which was the birth place of both wives of Sir Henry Copeland.

Houses in York Street