Houses by Street – The Promenade

The Promenade

4 was the home in 1930 of Joseph Allain Allison (1887-1973) and his wife. His wife was Ada Maud (nee Chorley) (1891-1979) and they married in 1922. By 1933 they were living at 3 Cheltenham Road. This home was occupied by Arthur Edward Snowball and his family. In 1943 it was the home of David Valentine Fowler (accountant) and his wife Lila May Fowler

 7    The garden is listed on the Hornsby Shire Council Heritage Register which comprises Schedule 5 (Environmental Heritage) of the Hornsby Local Environment Plan 2013.

10 was occupied in 1949 by L J P Eagles

12 was occupied in 1933 by Herbert Brown

14 was occupied in 1932 by Herbert E Brown

15 was occupied from 1943 until her death in 1979 by Joyce W Vickery [1

[1]. See under People on this website for an article on Joyce Vickery.

16 Coonardoo was occupied in 1930 by John George Johns

18 Kairaki was occupied in 1925 by Harold Gladstone and Katherine (Kate) Turnidge. He was a leather merchant who also served in World War 1. There continued to live here until at least 1963.

19 Yallambee was the home of Robert and Joyce Vicars [1] from 1916 to the death of Violet in 1971. It was then demolished in 1972. The property is now Cheltenham Girls High School [2].

[1] See separate articles under People on this web site for each of Robert & Joyce Vickers.
[2] See separate articles on this web site under Houses for the property as it faces Beecroft Road Cheltenham and under Schools – Cheltenham Girls High School.

20 Strathkyle was occupied in 1919 by George Elman (an ironmonger) and his wife Janet Almyra Grange. The family was still living here in 1947.

22 was occupied in 1967 by Alfred Dance

24 was occupied in 1953 by G M Baker

28 was occupied in 1943 by William Aubrey Holt and his family.