Old Beecroft Road

4 was the home from 1932 of Clive R Palmer

6 was the home from 1937 of Nesbit G Wiley.

8, Belmore Cottage and then Marthaville was the home from at least 1889 of James Arthur Kingcott, painter. It is said that the house was actually built earlier in the 1880s. The Kingcott family was still living here in 1963. It was also said that the subsequent owners lived here from mid 1980s until 2015 [1].
[1] Northern District Times

16 was built in 1937 by Arthur G Kingcott on land owned by James Arthur Kingcott and on which he was paying rates in 1907-1909.

Hillstan was the home of Rowland Edward Lording (1899-1944) immediately prior to his moving into Vidor 200 Beecroft Road in 1931. It was also occupied from around 1921 by his parents Edward Ernest Lording (1867-1944) and Elizabeth (nee Orton) (1875-1951) until his father’s death in 1944. His widow then moved to live with her daughter in Terrigal. The current number of this house is presently unknown.