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Churches – Quakers [1]

A Young Friends Meeting commenced on 28 March 1943 in the home of Max and Erica Wohlwill in Beecroft. It was attended by the Wohlwills, Ruth Swann, Margaret Morris and Arthur Lukes. About 20 people would come to this meeting. Those travelling from the meeting house in Devonshire Street would travel by train to Cheltenham, walk to Marie Byles Ahimsa and its Hut of Happy Omen for lunch prior to proceeding to this Beecroft meeting. Over time a continuing study group also commenced at the home of Charlotte and Henry Wolff in Beecroft.

In 1957 it was decided to rotate where the meeting was held and this led to the eventual decline and closure of the groups in 1961.

[1]      The material in this article derives from Sydney Friends: a short history of the religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Sydney 1834-1982 (Privately published, Sydney, 1982) pp 34-35.