Houses by Street – Norma Cres

Norma Crescent

Norma Crescent typifies post Second World War subdivision patterns with houses sited in response to the contours of the land, quite close to the road and closer together than was previously the case in the ‘hills settlement’ style of subdivision. These houses have small front gardens dominated by exotic shrubs and lawns. Fences are low or, on the southern side of Norma non-existent. Trees are a later addition and are largely natives. Garages are sited to the rear of the land with driveways designed to blend with the garden.

4 was one of the Beecroft/Cheltenham homes of Sir Talbot Duckmanton, one of the longest serving general managers of the Australian Broadcasting Commission from 1965 to 1982. Between 1984 and 2012 this property was the home to Ros & Les Renfrey

19 is unobtrusive from the street, hidden in natural bush with external brick walls and glass panelled roof. Designed by Phillip Cox, even the chimneys have the appearance of solidness as though they are granite tors arising out of the trees.

The house is listed on the Hornsby Shire Council Heritage Register which comprises Schedule 5 (Environmental Heritage) of the Hornsby Local Environment Plan 2013.