Park Avenue

The land largely comprises part of the initial portion 702 into just over 5 acres and was sold to Benjamin Rivett Lloyd in 1891. He on-sold to Arthur Stanley Harrison and Joseph Richard Seale in 1902. Harrison lived in Ramona on Beecroft Road and Seal was an architect who was also living with his family at this time in Malton Road. They created Beecroft Park Estate subdivision which they progressively sold off from 1903.
East side
2a – Built by Rebecca and Justin Lowery in 2008 in French provincial style [1].
[1] Northern District Times, 11 November 2009 p.6.

West side
5 – This was part of the land sold to Thomas Griffiths an engineer who built his house on Sutherland Road. In 1926 he sold this lot to Mr MacIntosh who onsells to Ida Gertrude Taylor the wife of Arthur Bernard Taylor a merchant living in Beecroft. They then sell in 1929 to Ruby Whittle of Pennant Hills who appears as having a house on the land in the 1931 Sands Directory. This is the time of the Great Depression and there is a mortgagee sale in 1936 with Elizabeth Mary Halliday buying the home. She lives here until 1956 when she sells to William George and Edith Emily Cropper who maintain it as an investment property under lease to Dr T H Harrison. They then sell in 1956 to Robert William and Olive Winifred Norman. Mr Norman is recorded as a retired valuer already living in Beecroft. They then sell in 1965 to James Norman Shelton a university lecturer and his wife who sell in the following year to John and Mary Locke. They remain until 2107 when they sell to the present owners