Beecroft-Cheltenham History Group


Aboriginal people have their personal stories which form their heritage and traditions and sense of identity. This is their personal story and no one else has the right to claim that story as their own. In this, we pay respect to these people, their elders past and present, and to their story.

 As local people, each of us also has a personal story. Our stories are not the same as those of the Aboriginal people. In telling this story we aim not to minimise those differences. We aim not to lay claim to a heritage that we do not have. But just as our personal stories are woven into the tapestry of our local and wider Australian stories, so too the story of the Aboriginal people of this locale forms part of that same tapestry belonging to us all.

 This work applies two rules for what is included. Firstly, it does not assume that all Aboriginal people are the same and that because there are descriptions elsewhere we cannot, without some other linking material, assume that they apply here. Where possible our comments only reflect this locality. Secondly, where there is reliance upon what is written by non-Aboriginal people we do not assume that these non Aboriginal people accurately understood what was said or done, or the applicable context.

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