East Beecroft and Cheltenham 1910 Map

Click on the link below to open a new window showing a map with a slider in the top left hand corner.

This is a 1910 map of the east side of Cheltenham and Beecroft with the current Google map underneath.
As you move the slider to the left the opacity of the 1910 map reduces and the current Google map of the area is shown.

Some interesting things to note on this map is:

  • The proposed continuation of Boundary Rd Epping all the way to Pennant Hills and that Greenhaven drive is on that precise alignment
  • Malton Rd was supposed to continue through the bush to Epping but even in 1910 the alignment was rubbish
  • Day Rd was supposed to continue.
  • Beecroft Rd alignment has hardly changed in 110 years.

1910 Map Overlay