Peggy [1]

Peggy was an identity of Beecroft in the 1950s and 1960s. She came to Beecroft when she was 13 years old. As a draught mare she had spent her working life until then working with a milk carter.

In Beecroft she worked along side Mr R J (Bob) Dunn who was employed by Hornsby Shire Council as a street sweeper. He was paid a retainer for the upkeep of the horse and cart. They both lived in Pennant Hills.

As Mr Dun swept the streets Peggy would have a dray attached into which he would put the sweepings.

“Ask any kid in Beecroft who Peggy was” Mr Dunn said “Children would clamour to pet her while on the way to school and would treat her to her favourite delicacy of paddle pops. What kind of paddle pops does she like? They would ask. She’d prick up her ears when she heard school children’s voices because she knew she would get a hand out.”

Peggy changed her attire according to the rules of Cheltenham Girls High School – in winter she wore the school felt hat and in summer the school straw hat.

Peggy and Mr Dunn retired after she had been working for 14 years. She was the last horse and cart engaged by Hornsby Council. She was then 28 years old. Sadly, she had a severe attack of colic just a few weeks after retiring and Mr Dunn made the hard decision to have her destroyed.

[1]    This information comes from the Newsletter of the Ray Park Heritage Group March 2016