Dog Racing

Dog coursing

During the Great Depression a greyhound coursing track was built and operated by the Northern Line Coursing Club. It was located at Maher’s Paddock, Copeland Road Beecroft near 47 Copeland Road. It was described as “a splendid stretch of beautifully grassed and watered running track with solidly built enclosures and rooms for luncheon and sheltering.” It comprised 12 ½ acres with a creek wandering through it. Mechanical hares were used [1]. The consumption of alcohol was prohibited. The inaugural committee consisted of Messrs H Shields, H Smith, P S Shields, L Thompson, A P Maher and H Bevan [2] The track was referred to in newspaper reports between 1930 and 1932 although there is a reference to Maher’s Track in Beecroft as late as 1938 [3].     

Jack Davey the Sydney radio comedian was said to have been a patron.

The local boys were paid to visit a near-by abattoir to purchase animal heads for feeding to the dogs.

Apart from dog coursing, Mr Harold Morris Maher of Copeland Road was also breeding coursing dogs from at least 1922 (‘Beecroft Lass’) to 1939 [4].

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