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When the Crown granted land in the early Colony it reserved the right to fell timber on the land. In 1816 Governor Macquarie created the Pennant Hills Timbergetting Establishment to start harvesting the timber from the land held by John Savage, John Macarthur and William Kent. Timber harvested by this establishment was then used in Macquarie’s building program.

The Establishment was located on the corner of present day Pennant Hills and Hull Roads. By 1819, 73 men were employed there and a few of the men who were married also had their wives living there. The most men ever employed there was 102 in 1820. When it closed in 1831 there were 30 still employed.

Following the closure of the Establishment the large local landholders notably James Devlin, Andrew Murray and William Kent continued to harvest timber on their own land.   

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