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Beecroft Road (formerly Beecroft Parade)


The land was purchased in 1889 by Charles William Holloway. He sold it in 1892 to Catherine Rattray wife of George Allan Rattray a bank official. A home was built on the land by Mr & Mrs Rattray and this existed when the property was purchased in 1907 by William Henry Harris (1884-1954).

Harris lived off his investments and was a benefactor of the local community – especially in the formation of the Cheltenham Recreation Club. The grounds of the house reflected his interests in that the large stables near Beecroft Road, with a clerestory roof were some of (if not) the largest in the district. They housed his horses used for trotting and for riding. The stables were connected to the house by an elegant stone pergola in an Edna Walling style design.

He also had between the house and Lyne Road his own bowling rink. He, and his friends, would adjourn from this private rink to the nearest room in the house – being the smoking room.

His third (and surviving wife) Mary (Mollie) was a keen gardener and the gardens were well known for both their beauty and as the scene for many charitable events.

Following Mollie’s death in 1990 their daughter (Julie Harris Harris) remained in the property until 1995 when it was sold to the current owners who have considerably renovated the property and maintaining the extensive gardens.

The Harris family extensively added to the property between 1907 and 1920. The current owners have continued to do so. The stone in the house was quarried from Pyrmont and the name of the property derives from ‘Edensor Park’ which was a property of the Harris family near Liverpool. 




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