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The Boulevard

The name of the street was given by William Chorley after the name of a street in his birthplace, Cheltenham, England.

“Rosemount” (also known as Rosmon”)[1]

 The land was purchased in 1900 by William Chorley. He sold it in 1912 to Rosabelle Irene Trigg the wife of Ernest Samuel Trigg (1872-1963). Trigg was General Manager. Meadowbank Manufacturing Co which made rolling stock and agricultural machinery. It was sold in 1920 to Charles Potts a grain and produce merchant.

The house was possibly designed by William Nixon. It is in the Arts and Crafts style. It was built in 1914. Its name is possibly based upon that of its first owner Rosabelle Trigg.


 Built in 1914 for Clarence Hardie Gorman of Hardie & Gorman Real Estate it was sold in 1916 to Thomas Irons who was a co-director and chief engineer of Clyde Engineering Co. He purchased the property to be nearer to his daughter (Nell Nossiter) after two of his sons (Ralph and David) died in 1916. He died in 1918 where upon his widow sold the property and commenced living with her daughter Nell.


 The land was purchased in 1893 by William Chorley. He sold it in 1912 to Thomas Bailey Nossiter (1873-1948) who was at one time the accountant to the Peacock Jam Factory and became a director of Henry Jones Co-operative.

Thomas was a keen golfer and became the first President of the Pennant Hills Golf Club.

The house was designed by William Nixon. It was built by James Brown of Ashfield in 1914. Its name is a portmanteau word containing elements of the names of each of the daughters of Thomas and Helen (“Nell”) Nossiter namely Jean, Nancy and Beatrice.


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