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Fifty years in ‘Leafy Beecroft’

Brian’s parents, Dudley (always known as Jim) and Sybil Gill, and their family came to Beecroft in 1951. Jim was about to retire from the CSIRO where he was Head of Animal Health. He wanted to move to a place where there was plenty of space, so he chose to come to Beecroft and bought a large open block of several acres of land on Albert Road. There were no close neighbours in those days but in the vicinity, the top people were the Dobbies and the Willises.

The swinging social life of Beecroft and Cheltenham – past & present by Catherine Bartho

Many residents of Beecroft Cheltenham live their lives here going to and coming from their daily work, very content to spend the remaining hours quite isolated from the community. However for those wanting enrichment from the amazing range of activities which are available locally, the area is provided with a diversity of activities. And so it has been since the 1890s when the suburb took shape from the farming community – when city dwellers came up the train line looking for a more pleasant domain in which to raise their families.

Memories of growing up in Beecroft  in the 1940s by Lesley Goldberg

A 1940s childhood in Beecroft could be a time of much freedom for local children. Beecroft Reserve was a place of tranquility and birdsong and its tracks were shortcuts to the homes of friends. Children played in groups there, looked for eels, frogs and tadpoles in Devlins Creek and jumped across on stepping stones.

By Christine Weir October 2003

It was many years later

I visited with a friend

The Hornsby Odeon Theatre

When memories did descend

It was in a time capsule

Surroundings were all the same

The Fifties era in, so cool

I was very glad we came

I felt at home instantly

Surroundings so familiar

The years rolled backwards quickly

Better than the movie so far

The atmosphere did thrill me

The design, shapes and heavy doors

Took me to childhood clearly

And Jaffas rolling down floors

Taking décor for granted

We loved our weekend movie

As it now comes denated

In memories all groovy

Please keep up our old buildings

So oldies can reminisce

We just love seeing old things

Any gone, we sorely miss

Peter Stace's story


That Fabulous dog called Jip 

In 1954 the Stace family moved from Guildford to 15 Fiona Road, Beecroft. There were five children: John, Helen, Peter, Brenda and Nigel and also their Blue Heeler dog, Jip, who was never happy indoors and so for the next 10 years shared in all the children's adventures in the bushy environment of the Beecroft Bush(officially the Chilworth Reserve and Beecroft Park )and the Village Green.

The following account of growing up in Beecroft in the 1950s and 1960s is extracted from Peter's memoirs.

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